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Currently I am at Blogworld-What questions do you want to ask Mari Smith and Michael Stelzner?

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Casey Zeman

I am here at Blogworld in Los Angeles.  This is where you will find the best of the best in the social media world, new media world and online marketing space.

When I first got here.  We interviewed Chris Brogan, on his social media experience with larger corporations.  Tomorrow we are going to be talking with Mari Smith-who I call the Turquoise Goddess of Facebook as well as Michael Stelzner of The Social Media Examiner.

I just finished a session listening to Michael and I have to say that social media is so simple yet so hard.  Hard because the simple feels more complicated then it is.  One simple hardfast rule in Social Media is focus on the audience.  Focus on what they need and what you can do for them.  Such a simple task, yet difficult for some reason to execute-Because it takes patience for a return.  It takes a bit of faith.  When you can provide that help, that faith is so transparent that people will reciprocate that help.  Nothing and no one is too small.

So that being said~


Whether it’s facebook, YouTube, Twitter or blogging??

Currently I am next to Mari Smith right now and will be asking her your questions.  Let me know.  ( By the way to quote Mari Smith, “Instead of B to B (Business to Business)or B to C (Business to Consumer), let’s try P to P (people to people).”

Those questions will be answered back here on the blog in the form of a video and text.

You can leave the question below either in a Facebook comment or on the blog.  Please tag me in the Facebook comment and the expert you want to ask the question of.  I will be picking the winner of the question and posting it on Facebook and sending it off to Mari and Michael!

If you think other people might need their questions answered as well.  Let them know about this post!

Cheers all, I will be covering Blogworld for the next 3 days.

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  • This is really exciting Casey! Here are my questions

    With so many Social Media Platforms how do you know which ones to focus the most time on?
    Do you think Google+ will ever be as big as Facebook or as influential in a businesses online presence? Which would you focus more time building?

    How do you keep yourself and your online profiles organized? Are there any tools you use daily to help you stay organized?

    What do you do if you share great content, links, videos, pictures etc and your fans still DO NOT respond to you?

    Joshua from

  • Another question Casey – I get asked this a lot – how to work out what is simply hype and flashy money making totally useless or spammy stuff for a fanpage and what are the genuine ethical tools that really work (i have my answer for this but would be fab to get Mari and Michaels take on it too)
    better known as the How2girl

  • Woops – think I should have asked this here not on the Facebook thread:
    I would like to ask a question on behalf of those people new to Social media – with all the noise and information overload in the social media arena right now – what advice would Mari give to the newbies that will enable them to cut out the noise and create something that is powerful and effective for their business success?
    better known as the How2girl

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