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Twitter has Blocked Refollow

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Casey Zeman

An unannounced API restriction that was recently revealed blocked the popular from capably doing business.

Refollow, a filtering tool for users to narrow down who they might want to search for on Twitter that was more so used as a tool for automatically following or unfollowing large clusters of people at once, announce in the last week that they are essentially “out of a job”.

The cost to host the free service they provided would be too costly based on the new restrictions Twitter put into effect.

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  • Hey Casey:

    Refollow has been having issues with Twitter for many, many months. I guess it was a matter of time.

    I did notice that they might offer a membership program. I am not sure if it will be worth it or not. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what the cost is going to be.

    Take care.

    – Rick

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