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How to Properly Tag a YouTube Video

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Casey Zeman

I have created a video where I show you how to Properly tag a YouTube video. Tagging a video on YouTube is similar to tagging a video on any of the major video sharing sites.  Sites such as Viddler, Meta-cafe, Vimeo, Daily Motion, and Tubemogul all work within the same perimeters of tagging, description, and title.
In this video I will show you how to set up your title, description and tags, and also reveal a common misperception in tagging.  Plus I am going to show you what actions carry the most weight with the search engines.

  • Thank you Casey. I do have a question, slightly off topic, but is there a way to use someone else’s video to get traffic? Right now I am not ready to make videos, but would like to use other peoples videos on my website in the meantime. What can you tell me about that idea? Will it just make my website more interesting or is there a way to use a video to get traffic?

    Thanks again,

    • Hi Marilyn,
      Thanks for the question, There are a couple things you can do. On you can get videos clips just as you can get images. If you would like to embed a video from YouTube onto your website that is absolutely something you can do. For instance you can take a video of anything and embed it. If it is on YouTube generally speaking it is free game.

      Or if you would like a video I could always make one. Or you could always embed one of my videos. You can find them at

  • Hey Casey,

    Great video. I always get a kick out of your style and like your openness. It encourages me to have more fun when I make my videos.

    I’m gonna share a tip from One Hour Google with your readers about video and seo in general…

    When it comes to your keywords on a web page or description, your main keyword phrase should be the first words on the page and in the description. However, your discovery about the url is a way to brand your site in the process. Here’s how: reveals ‘how to embed a paypal button….’

    or shares ‘how to tag your videos…’

    The other important part about keywords is to not ‘stuff’ them, but eloquently place them in strategic places. In this case, find 2-3 terms and put them in the first 2-3 paragraphs of your description ‘after’ your main keyword term is mentioned.

    This is more natural, but still focused and google (and the other search engines) will reward you.

    Rock on, guys!

    ~Mike Cowles. <

  • Casey – as always, an excellent, informative video. Loved it.

    But I do have a question – I did a search “make money with video marketing” – your site came up on the Google search, but once you reach the youtube page, there is a message, “removed for violations”, or something to that effect. I don’t know what the violation was, but how can we adjust what you just taught us, so we can squeak by youtube ok.

    Thank you Casey – Maria Mekus

    • Hi Maria, Yes just recently My Channel was removed completely, now it wasn’t because of anything dealing with how the videos were tagged. In fact all of the methods that I have out there thus far are absolutely safe and completely accepted by YouTube. My Channel was suddenly, without warning removed. One day I was asked to be a partner and then the next day it was removed. At first I thought that someone may have hacked my account. Now I am not so sure. I am trying to get in touch with youtube now to fix the problem. After a couple days I began to think of another possibility.

      Here is what I think happened.
      I have been using a method and system for marketing with YouTube. The system is simply gaining a network of like minded people through YouTube. I teach the method of “Not Marketing and Avoid being spam”.
      My method had been going great. Because I was doing what was acceptable to YouTube. However, in the trial and error process of tweaking and discovering, I overstepped what YouTube found acceptable. Now partially on purpose so that I can make the mistakes and pass on the knowledge of how to avoid them. So what was only theory to my knowledge is now TRUTH. So I have been putting together exact DO’s And DONT’s to avoid getting your channel yanked as well as making sure that your contacts and your videos are secure, not only on YouTube. Thanks for the comment, I am actually going to make a post about the issue.
      But just so you are aware, everything in any videos I have out there for Video Marketing can not get your videos or your channel yanked. I haven’t actually launched the system yet that I use to get thousands of views a day with my videos. I am putting some last minute tweaking into it that will be invaluable for keeping your videos and your channel safe while at the same time knowing the dangers to avoid.

      Cheers Maria.

  • Very useful info on tagging and description content. Updated all my videos, lets see how the viewings increase now!

    Whats your view on linking videos with all the Social Media sites with bookmarks.

    Be good to do an interview with you on video. Let me know when your free

    Kind Regards

    Cowboy Mikey

  • Great Video Casey! Learned a lot from this! Time to change a few of my videos. I have been focusing more on the titles and tags. Not much the description.

    And I think Eliana is referring to the annotations.

    Talk to you soon brother!

  • Hi Casey – great video thanks for all the helpful info.

    My question is someone made a video of us to help us promote our product and posted it. Unfortunately the tags and description are bare minimal and don’t drive any traffic. Is there a way for us to tag it or add to description since we’re in the video? Does youtube allow other to tag a video they did not post?

    • Thanks For the question Macolady. The problem is that if it is a YouTube video that you are trying to tag that is owned by someone else, You cant do it, there is no way to edit the details unless you own the account or have access to the account. What that person would have to do is give you their login info.
      If you know the person then you could always ask for them to send you the original video file, generally an mp4 or mov file. Or you can suggest Title, Description and Tags for them to put into the video. Are you close with the person?

  • Hi Roku Reviews. Are you referring to the blue area on the video? That is what is called an annotation. You can use that for people to click through. Also there is what is called an over-lay, where you can have people click through to your website.

    You can get more information here at

  • everytime i try to add tags, it says “some of your changes werent saved, unknown user” what does that mean? PLEASE HELP!!!

  • Casey i make my singing video through my this video,u can only hear my voice.i’m very weak in english+i’m not a musician but crazy about singing somehow i’ve done a rap song in which i use my biography as a lyrics.i can’t see ur video due to my old phone so plz…… Tell me how i write my description,title and tags so that max. People can see my video.plz if u have suggestion,email it.i’ll wait

  • thank you Casey for the explanations.
    Here are some questions. what if i want to promote my video in different languishes?
    should i do it in the same video? in the same channel? should the title be in English and Spanish in the same place or should it be in different channels to each languish. what if it’s the same video how would youtube react to the same video upload ?
    thanks in advance
    matan belleli

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