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How to Upload a Video to WordPress, 3 DIfferent Ways. Some,Trickier then you think…

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Casey Zeman

Who has the quickest Draw —-> when uploading a video?

If we were to compare the speed by which one can upload a video onto a website, to the top gunslingers of the Old Wild West, then we would see the that the aspect of speed would fall into a bit of a grey-area, depending on who, what, where, when and how. Regardless of that, Let’s still try…

Billy the Kid.(Fastest Gunslinger in the West) Most beloved Gunslinger/sharpshooter because of his charm and charisma.

Favored and deemed such by the public that loved him.

WordPress-(Fastest ability to upload a video in the world) User based Open Source CMS.

The Speed of a video upload is due to the ease by which a relative newcomer who has ever used a wizzy-wig (we all have, Microsoft Word), can figure out how to create a post and upload a video. Likewise, the Dashboard has made “Back office” navigation simple. In fact one could just “play around” with WordPress for a few days to start getting the hang of the variety of applications and uses. There is a plugin for everything.

So, that being said, it has been deemed the fastest platform to upload a video because to the general public and user it is the fastest.

Here is what I mean.

Most people don’t know how to take an iframe code, place the url of a video within the frame, and then embed that code into the HTML source of their site.

Then continuing on with using an FTP client either through Cpanel or that individuals own FTP, to finally make that video live on the website.

(Now this process is easy for someone who clearly knows something about code and video embedding onto a webpage)

However, it would still take more time, even for the advanced web master or programmer, to upload a video that way.

WordPress’ functionality takes the entire process and simplifies it.

A person who has never used or done anything with code, could simply find a plugin that would allow for easy video embedding. Without ever having to go into the source view to embed the video.

To upload a video is so simplified.

That is the power of WordPress. It is usable by everyone.

Yes there is a plugin for everything…

In this video, that I claim to be very short, that ends up being 30 minutes reveals 3 easy ways to upload a video onto wordpress.

We are now going to move away from how to upload a video into how to embed a widget-

  • Ok Guys, so this video is not a “quick Video” As I mentioned in the video. It is 22 minutes.
    However it tell of 3 video upload solutions

  • Hi Casey,

    I did know some of the first way but had know idea about the check boxes on Youtube so thanks for that. I find that my videos will not center on a post but I think your video has solved that problem.

    Great post and thanks for sharing.

    Tristram Lodge

    • Hi Tony , Yes it is a quick time video. I also have then in a playlist on youtube if you cant watch them here. You can go to , I split them into 2 videos here so you will see the first one being played as the featured video, just scroll down on the right to find the “Video 2” . Sorry about that, hope this helps. Cheers

  • Casey,

    I need to talk to you about Word Press because I’m having problems just writing the first blog. I think YouTube is great for free and has it’s uses, but I don’t think it’s the fastest draw … or the easiest. All you have to do with Talk Fusion is make your vid, upload and share … anywhere. And code is instantly created for you to put into your website, any website. There’s a new gunslinger in town and yes I do think that the “town” is big enough for the two of them … and a better “town” for it.

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