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New Twitter Automation Rules. Death to Buzzom??

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Casey Zeman


A little bit ago Twitter put new Automation Rules into effect.  Many people had fear of what that would do to Twitter Marketing.

Well, I will tell you, it didn’t do much.

In fact Twitter Marketing is still in full force.

The one thing that did happen is that it forced Spammers and Spam-bots to jump ship.

The secret to all social marketing is “Not Selling”.  You are here to provide content and build relationships-the money will come, trust me.

This video covers the changes that took place with and how to remedy the problem.  Social Oomph is a great resource for managing your twitter accounts as well as other accounts.  I can create several messages in my social oomph account and then have them sent automatically.

To create your own social oomph account you can go to

I pay 60 bucks a month for it and it is worth every penny.


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