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The Art of Mastery with Casey Zeman and Justin Burns

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Justin Burns, Co-Founder and CEO of Miestro
Hosted by
Casey Zeman

Heyo, the Impact Warrior podcast is back!

Have you ever wondered how entrepreneurs overcome major hurdles on their way to success?

On this episode of Impact Warrior, I sat down with Justin Burns, creator and CEO of Miestro, to discuss his journey to becoming a “master of mastery.” We talked about how Justin became obsessed with the art of mastery, how it has changed his business and personal life, and how he shifted his focus as a tech entrepreneur from service provider to problem solver.

In addition to being a TEDx speaker, Justin is also a friend of mine. It was great to catch up with him and hear his thoughts on becoming a better business owner and human being in general. Even if you’re not in the tech industry, I think you’ll find Justin’s insights to be valuable and impactful. Enjoy!

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What you’ll hear in this episode:

[3:42] Justin talks about mastery and his journey towards becoming a master.

[10:18] Justin shares how leaning in on his mastery helped him to shift his focus as a tech entrepreneur from trying to stand out amongst the competition to solving his audience’s problems and building a thriving community.

[20:45] Justin and Casey discuss how they have changed their relationship to pain–and how it has changed their lives for the better.

[28:42] Justin talks further about self-mastery and how this pursuit of personal development has impacted his business.

[39:29] Casey asks Justin about the three things that helped him to succeed and to pursue the Art of Mastery.

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