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Bonus Episode: What is an Impact Warrior? With Casey Zeman and DeKesha C. Williams

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Casey Zeman

Welcome to the Impact Warrior podcast!

I’m your host, Casey Zeman, Founder and CEO of EasyWebinar. DeKesha Williams, (aka “The Webinar Queen”) and I are teaming up to bring you Impact Warrior, a show that we hope will inspire you, push you, and be your weekly reminder that in the difficulties you face as an entrepreneur, you are not alone!

I believe that to be able to create the impact you want, you have to be able to knock down walls, get back up when you’ve been punched multiple times, and multitask to move yourself forward, even when you want to give up.

It’s not easy, and DeKesha and I have experienced it firsthand.

I wanted to have conversations with people who are doing great things in the world, and talk to them about how they are doing it, and what they know that other people don’t. And I wanted to find a way to share it with as many people as possible, and create the impact they want to create in the world. That’s why Impact Warrior was born. 

In this introductory episode, we tell our entrepreneurial stories and explain why we’re creating this podcast. We let you know what to expect from future episodes, and the types of people that you can look forward to hearing from.

Get excited: We have some fantastic guests lined up with powerful stories to share with you.

We’ll be releasing new episodes each week, so subscribe to Impact Warrior wherever you listen to podcasts to be the first to see when a new episode goes live.

Don’t forget to check the show notes after each episode for links, free gifts, and additional resources for our listeners!

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • [8:00]   Why Impact Warrior was developed
  • [11:05]   What to expect on the podcast and the meaning behind the name Impact Warrior 
  • [18:12]   Who is DeKesha C. Williams and who is Casey Zeman?  
  • [20:07]   What’s to come for EasyWebinar?  Easy yet powerful updates on the way.

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