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Conversion Strategies for Your Webinar That Work with Casey Zeman and DeKesha Williams

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Casey Zeman

Welcome back to the Impact Warrior podcast!

Hey hey, it’s a DeKesha and Casey day!

I’m Casey Zeman, Founder and CEO of EasyWebinar, and in this episode, “The Webinar Queen” DeKesha Williams and I talk all about one of our most requested topics: increasing CONVERSIONS.

Do you tirelessly plan and promote your webinars, but can’t figure out why people don’t show up?

Curious about what tools and tricks experienced webinar creators use to market to their audiences?

This episode is for you. We did a deep dive this time, to talk through our individual journeys to mastering webinars, what worked and didn’t work, and how we recommend you go at it if you’re just starting out.

We like to say that what HAS worked will ALWAYS work: Speak authentically to your audience, those who have a problem you’re prepared to solve and appeal to them on a  “heart and logic” level. If you become an expert at this, you’ll find webinar success.

It was awesome to hear new details of DeKesha’s story that I hadn’t heard and to see where our experiences overlap. We both have tried SO many methods to secure more conversions and get people to show up on webinar day. You’ll definitely hear something in the episode you haven’t yet tried.

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What you’ll hear in this episode:

[5:20] EasyWebinar attendance stats

[19:30] How being REAL lifts you above the noise and helps increase conversions

[27:00] How to connect the dots between your daily life and your mission, and thus your audience’s problem. Plus, your assignment from DeKesha!

[40:45] Helping your audience get to know you with a nurture sequence

[50:05] How to use the first part of your webinar to connect with your audience

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