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Reinventing Yourself and Leaving Your Legacy with Greg Hickman

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Casey Zeman

Heyo, the Impact Warrior podcast is back!

In this episode, I talk to Greg Hickman, owner and founder of AltAgency and a rockstar content creator. Greg’s online coachings and training teach digital agency owners how to scale their business to serve more clients without hiring more people or working around the clock. So, he’s essentially a superhero making the impossible POSSIBLE.

I love the way that Greg thinks outside the box and creates systems to help people lead better, happier lives AND run their businesses.

As I explain in the episode, Greg has been unafraid to reinvent himself and his service offerings many times in order to serve his audience and solve their problems. How awesome is that? We all have something to learn from this guy’s courage and resilience.

I’ve been lucky to call Greg a friend for years, and one thing I know is that Greg has lived the battle of Impact Warriors everywhere! In the episode, he sheds light on the particularly trying moments he’s faced along his journey. He has come out on the other side of those challenges with wisdom to share with his clients, his followers, and his most important legacy: his kids.

Greg has a significant and positive influence on those he trains. Anyone who has binged his Youtube channel (you MUST) can attest to the incredible value that ALL his content provides.  


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What you’ll hear in this episode:

[4:30] Greg tells his story and describes the barriers he’s run into while building his business and describes how the communities he belongs to helped him to revamp his offering and reinvent himself.

[13:30] How Alt Agency narrowed their services to hone in on what they do best, codify the process, and then teach others how to do the same.

[30:15] “Your business will never exceed your own capacity as an entrepreneur.”  What this quote means to Greg and his business.

[41:45]  Greg speaks to the fact that we don’t learn everything we need to know to be successful while in school, and how he hopes to transfer the skills he’s learned experientially to his kids.

To learn more about Greg, go to to see all his YouTube content, and  follow @gregoryjhickman on Instagram and Twitter. His coaching programs can be found at AltAgency via the link below.

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