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The World Cup Finale 2010. Stop the Dreaded Vuvuzela!

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Casey Zeman

If you though that “We’re Number 1 Finger”, “Beer-Hats”,  and “HotDog Heads” were enough, you were wrong!

The very popular Vuvuzela, or Stadium Horn from Brazil is making a sonic boom into our culture.

It’s the horns vs the hefts.  Imagine the Middle aged fat guy flapping food out of his mouth at a Dodger game cursing at the Umpire, which is typical of the “Baseball Game Experience”, now having to compete with a 3 foot long bull horn that blows a distinct Bâ™­3.  The same pitch of a Chainsaw, a hive of giant bees and a fleet of 747’s.

Fun times ahead for our future sport traditions.  However part of me will welcome it as it drowns out the sound of drunken fans and stupid rivalry.

Imagine though it becoming allies with the unruly fan.  A scary sight to be sure, as the Overweight Hotdog consumer blows from the horn between bites; I cringe just a little.

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