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“A Web Business Overview” Tutorial , Video 3

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Casey Zeman

Strangely enough, these videos actually go out of order. In the video I talk more about the system first and then I talk about the things you will need. However I wanted you to act on getting your Domain and your Hosting accounts set up first. Even though now in these videos, 3 and 4 you will be getting most of the information pertaining to Domains and Hosting.

However what I will do now is direct you to AWEBER. You can start creating your email campaigns and begin to build your list with AWEBER.

For those who don’t know , Aweber is an autoresponder. Which simply means, that it is an email software that links into your website so that people can sign up to become subscribers of your business. You can then send a sequence of follow up campaigns to keep your list nurtured and eventually sell them products.

SO with that being said, you can order your AWEBER autoresponder for only 19 dollars a month.
Click below to get your aweber account set up.

Don’t worry , I will help you with creating an optimized email campaign that will keep your customers and subscribers coming back for more.


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