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The New No-Latency Live Stream Technology of EasyWebinar [HD Video and Surround Sound Audio Technology]

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Casey Zeman

This is a very special announcement.

For the last several months we have been working on a brand new platform that changes the way you engage with your audience. It brings in a brand new technology engine for EasyWebinar which includes HD Video and Surround Sound Audio.  In fact, it seems the more presenters you add, the better the quality gets!

If you don’t know, EasyWebinar is a software that does both live and automated webinars and we have been serving audiences for some time. With over 7k customers we have been on a constant mission to continue to up the game in the world of automation and engagement to essentially help customers create a deeper relationship with their audience, build their leads and make more sales from both live and automated webinar funnels.

Last year we decided to go all in the LIVE side of our platform.  At that time we created a deeper integration with YouTube live to where you could use the front end of EasyWebinar with YouTube live as the video stream.

We were able to lessen the latency gap from 20 seconds to 10 seconds using YT live & protect our audience from the impending Google Hangout shut down by not going down the Google Hangout app rabbit hole like many of our competitors did who are now in hot water because of it.

Plus, we were able to provide a reliable solution for those who needed stability and growth in the live space for events ranging from 50 attendees to 20k+ attendees.

Last year was also where we started to flesh out building out our own LIVE STREAM ENGINE.  We knew that we always wanted to have our own proprietary live stream system. A system that didn’t rely on any other outside platform to function in a top performing way.  A system and technology that would redefine engagement…and truly compete with Zoom & GTW.

A platform that would allow several broadcasters in the room, a way to share anyone’s screen in a super crisp way, make attendees presenters, all in HD and without any delays.

That was our mission and today I am super excited
to announce that this new Live Engine is on it’s way out!

With this new technology you will be able to:

  • Have up to 4 people in a live room.
  • Share your camera and audio source perfectly in HD and 3D Surround Sound.
  • Share your screen or any other presenters screen.
  • As Admin bring in attendees and make them speakers.
  • Record all session and turn them into evergreen webinars or replay.
  • Deliver offers and chat in real time with all attendees.
  • Invite People directly into a private room for conferences and back end training [No need for Zoom]
  • And more to come…


How can you get it?


If you are an existing customer of EasyWebinar, it is soon to be released to you as long as you are a yearly recurring paid customer in good standing or a legacy customer from our 4.0 or 5.0 version.  

You see, Instead of forcing existing customers to have to upgrade to use our Live Stream Engine, we want to give it to them/you for free.  In the future, our EW Standard/Basic package will be more than what our existing customers are getting now!

What comes with this Basic Package?

You will be able to have up to 100 attendees in the room live.

Why are we putting a limit on the attendees with this new platform? Simply put, it is higher quality.  Plus it is hosted by our own platform and has HD and No-Latency capabilities that YouTube Live doesn’t have.

But don’t fret if you want to have a higher limit than just 100 attendees in the room because…

you get to still have the unlimited attendee webinars that can run through YouTube live!

This is huge because no other platform offers this option and their own live stream tech.
We are giving you the best of both worlds. (For the moment)

But also…we will be opening upgrade options to get attendee limits pushed to 500 and 1000 persons per webinar for our LIVE Engine. Which of course has the benefit of no-latency streaming, HD video, Surround Sound Audio and HD Screen-Sharing.

Here is a powerful platform that changes the way you engage with your audience.001

For new customers of EasyWebinar…

Our pricing will be changing soon to reflect this new Live Stream Engine…and we might be phasing out YouTube as well…so basically now is the time to come in! You’ll have the benefit of getting access to EasyWebinar at the lowest price possible as we continue to be the leader in Automation and now Engagement!

Our big vision for you is to leverage our tools & training to harness the power of true engagement with your audience while scaling up your business using our advanced automation strategies and technology.  That is why EasyWebinar was created and that is exactly what you are going to be getting with us.

We are on a mission to help you to engage more, build and grow your business, create wealth & happiness along with discovering more free time in your life due to our automation systems.

We believe in heart centered scalability in life/business and that is our mission for you!

To check out how the new system will work, watch this early demo video above.

And then come into EasyWebinar at the lowest price possible RIGHT NOW!

Go to : to learn more.

  • Fantastic new update! Great timing as we are about to launch our new live support sessions for our online program! Can you please give a rough ETA on launch?

  • I don’t quite seem to understand the statement below:

    “If you are an existing customer of EasyWebinar, it is soon to be released to you as long as you are a yearly recurring paid customer in good standing or a legacy customer from our 4.0 or 5.0 version”

    Does it mean customers on lifetime plan won’t get it?

  • Pat, it does include lifetime, that is what we mean as legacy but lifetime for 5.0 and beyond.

  • Love the new live webinar dashboard.

    Is there a way to do hybrid webinars from it or I see that we can download the chat. Is there a way to create an evergreen webinar and upload the chat?

    Just curious.

  • Amazing!!! Never a boring moment with all the new ideas you come up with……

  • Dan ,the Webrtc doesn’t work on IOS but we are also building out an APP for ios! 🙂

    BJ, For the time being, the software will continue to be yearly until we switch that around. We don’t have a time line on that as of yet though.

    Thanks guys!

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