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How to Set Up Private Sessions for Group Coaching

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Casey Zeman

9412610_sBuilding an online business will usually incorporate some type of coaching or the sale of a product or software. So I am often asked how to engage with a smaller group.

I use my program, Easy Webinar, for all these coaching sessions and integrate it with YouTube Live.

This method provides several important advantages over other popular venues like Skype, Blab, Zoom, Google Hangouts, or GoToMeeting.

  • By using YouTube Live, I can make each session totally private. Because each coaching session is a one-time event, it is not searchable, and only those invited to the event can join in.
  • These private events can hold up to 20-30 people. Ten or less can be in the conference room or “Hot Seat”, while the others can watch the proceedings and take notes. The participants can be rotated into the Hot Seat during the length of the entire program.
  • Multiple Camera Streams are available.
  • YouTube Live has a more professional look.
  • Screen sharing is available to all Hot Seat participants.

Casey’s Super Tip: Using Group Coaching Sessions is a great way to sell a program before the course is fully completed.

Creating a full course can take a long time to complete; using group coaching sessions can speed up that time-frame. By rotating your clients through the Hot Seat over a series of weeks or sessions, you can curate the content that is created in each coaching session and convert it into a quality course that is relevant and rich.

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A good example is an 8 week course that has two sessions each week. The first session of the week is content only, where I speak and give out the content. The second session of the week includes the Hot Seat where 1-3 clients can talk about their business and receive feedback from myself and the group. During the 8 week course, all 20 participants can be rotated in and out of the Hot Seat giving them the opportunity of specific insights to their own business as well as learning from all the other sessions.

The versatility of YouTube Live is a fantastic option for those of you who want to begin group coaching sessions. While it may not be as easy as Google Hangouts, the benefits of the unlisted private events and the variety of professional options make it an easy choice.

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