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…Video peer pressure…Is an animated video the best choice for you?

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One of my customers asked today…

“What kind of video should be on my sales page, I really like those white board animation videos? “

Well my question to that person is…what is your business?

Many businesses see what other people are doing with video and want to mimic them.

For instance…animated videos got pretty hot in the last couple years…so a business might feel pressure  just because they see their competitors doing it.

The problem is…you have no idea if that animated video is really working for that competitor or not.

Before you go off and spend 3.5-10k on an animated video. Figure out if an animated video is going to lend itself best to your business.

Please note:  I personally love animated videos, using some in my own business.

This article is intended to help you determine where and when to use different types of video in your business.

#1.  Your customer holds the answer

Think about who your customer is. Is this someone who already knows what you are selling? For instance, let’s say you are a salt company. We all know what salt is, so you don’t have to explain why the customer is going to need it.  It’s salt.  We all love salt.  On the flip side of that, maybe you have an awesome product that solves a solution but no one knows anything about it.

Do you see where I am going with this?

In the scenario with the salt company, you can use an animated video for your business…but that video would define why someone would buy salt from you and not some other company.

Whereas the product that no one knows anything about might need an entirely different message in that video that not only tells what the business is but why it was created.  Honestly, both could use animated videos to tell the story.  However, because I know what salt is, what about using a culture video to show why people should buy your salt over another company’s salt?

People start focusing too much on animation when they should be focusing on their story.

What is your story? What is the best device for telling your story? (Meaning your business story)

Another example:

Maybe you have a software company Animation might be nice to show why a company may need your software, but what about showing how the application works?

I know I always say that a company should focus on “the why” with their videos…but…I want to revise that statement.

The why is the overall “feel” of your company. The “how” shows how the why is represented. You should still show how a product works as it relates to the overall feel of your company.

“Think of your video campaign as a tapestry, patchwork and window into your business.

Animated videos can explain why someone should use your product or service.You then show what your product or service does…

These other videos should be represented in your business:

  • Case Studies/ Testimonials videos
  • Your business culture
  • Tutorials on how to
  • Common Questions
  • Questions Most People don’t know but should
  • High end production
  • Low end production

Lead Your Customers Down a Path:

Direct response marketing is not a bad thing in video.  In fact it is a perfect time to ask your audience to do something.

Whether that is sharing news of your business content, or requesting to ‘click on this link to learn more’…your video content should be a road map for your customers.

So again…Just because JO SHMO is using an animated whiteboard in his video, doesn’t mean that you should. Think about your customers and what they need from you to understand your business.

Is animation the best storytelling device?

Here is a Tweeterific Quote :

” Think of your video campaign as a tapestry, patchwork and window into your business. “

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