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Fire on the way to Sequoia National Forest

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Casey Zeman

My wife and I were driving to Sequoia National Forest for the weekend and on the way we ran into some traffic which was a result of a Brush Fire.  The fire apparently started from a car on the side of the road exploding and then catching the brush on the side of the hill on fire.  Firefighters were risking their lives as they climbed up the hill to put out the fire.  We also witnessed on a couple occasions a helicopter picking up water from the nearby reservoir and dumping it onto the site.  It was crazy.  Diana wanted to immediately become a Firefighter.  Or at least a volunteer firefighter.  Our thoughts were with them.

Here is a video

  • My sister is a firefighter in Florida, but she may move out here eventually. If so, she’ll have some pointers for Diana for certain. Great video! I hope you enjoyed the Sequoias!

    • Diana has been thinking more and more about becoming one, so she may want to take you up on that offer.

    • Hi Grant, yeah, it was quite something watching the fire, the fire-fighters were amazing. Thanks for the comment. Love your writing, Are you coming to wordcamp Detroit? If there is anyone to learn from about Video Marketing and new video technology it is you. I am somewhat humbled by you as an authority. thanks again!!!

  • My dog saved my life from a fire. He woke me up just in time to escape from my home it was quite the experience that I hope I never have to go through again.

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