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Back-up Your Facebook Contacts

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Casey Zeman
  • Hey Casey, that’s a cool tip – I use Yahoo as my primary email account, but didn’t think to actually use it to back up my Facebook contacts. Great idea!

    • Thanks Josh. I got a great tip from you as well. YouTube Subscription button and clicking the box to get people signed up to receive email updates. I would love to talk to you more about that actually. Cheers!

  • Awesome info Casey! I have a question though, when I do the import into Yahoo it says found 600 (even though I have 4500 facebook friends) but when it is ready to do the import it says “Congratulations – 0 New Contacts imported” Hhhhmmm – any idea why it won’t import my facebook contacts? I am signed up for facebook with a gmail account – could that be the problem??? Thanks so much! Great stuff 🙂

  • Hi Casey, thank you so much I’ve been looking for an answer to this problem for ages and no one has been able to help me.

    Just one question, I’m doing this for a client and she has 5000 followers and a fanpage with 700 fans. When I do the back-up will it take the contact details from both locations or will I have to do them separately?

    Thanks again,

    • They import all of your friend approvals not so much your likes. have those people on your friend list and then move them to your like page.

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