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The battle of the funnels, which one wins?

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Hosted by
Casey Zeman

Did you know that automated sales systems are the holy
grail to creating consistent revenue online? (I assume your answer is yes)

There are 2 sales funnels that we use readily in our business to sell
our coaching programs, products and software.

They are the:

1. 4 Video MiniCourse Funnel (Product Launch Formula)

Mini Course

2. And the Automated Webinar Funnel

Automated Webinar Funnel

These are the two evergreen funnels running right now in our business.

Do you run one of these in your biz?

If you are someone selling a product or service and you aren’t using one of these 2 evergreen funnels, than I am pretty certain you will and soon!  (evergreen = consistent recurring sales) We have been running consistent Facebook Ads to both our 2 funnels.

Both get equal targeting of cold traffic and retargeted traffic. And both make us money.

We have been running consistent Facebook Ads to both of these funnels.  Both get equal targeting of cold traffic and retargeted traffic.  However, one of these 2 funnels performs better than the other.  Can you guess which? One gets 188% ROI and the other gets 225%.

  • One of these funnels costed 25k to build out, the other…nothing.
  • One of these funnels integrates really great with CRM systems, while the other doesn’t.
  • One of these funnels can tell you how long someone watched your content and send emails based on that data.  The other one doesn’t.

Are you ready now? (Casey the suspense is killing me!)

The Automated Webinar performs better than our 4 video mini launch series by 5% in terms of conversions. So the 4 Video Series does 8% conversions (Meaning that 8% of the people who sign up to the free series ends up purchasing).

The Automated Webinar has an average 13% conversion.(That also means of the people who sign up, 13% purchase)

So if you send 100 people into an automated webinar funnel, 13 buy.


If you send in 100 people into the 4 video series, only 8 buy.

Does this mean that you shouldn’t do a 4 video mini course? NO I would never say that, because we cross pollinate our funnels. Meaning that if someone didn’t buy from one, they are moved to the other. And this helps with overall conversions.

However, do you have to do a 4 video mini course as a launch plan?

No, a webinar funnel can work just as well and often times better with less cost…

Whether you are using it for a one time launch or perpetual launch.
Plus you could say yourself 25k in video creation costs to boot.


As you know, I am the founder of EasyWebinar.

As such I have had the rare perspective of not only seeing countless webinar funnels that our clients have run but also, I use EasyWebinar for both live and automated webinars in my own business.

(Not only the hair-club founder, but also a member 😉
I use EasyWebinar to sell EasyWebinar! (so meta!)

That is why I am super excited to announce to you…my most requested training is finally coming!


Elite Webinar Mastery’s, Webinar Blueprint Training. 🙂

When done right, an automated webinar can be created once and used DAILY for automated sales in your business. In fact some of our clients are making 20k a day using a few EasyWebinar automated webinars. Yes, that’s 20k a day!

If you want to learn more about the program, we have a workshop going on about it right now.



What does the program consist of?

Over 15 hours of Step-By-Step webinar training.
How is the course structured?

Module #1 – Webinar Foundations (Unlocked immediately)

– What can I use webinars for?
– Determining my topic
– Determining my audience
– What webinar platform is best for me?
– What style of webinar is best for me?
– Tech gear needed to put on great production

Module#2 – The Pre-Webinar Phase

– Developing your webinar timeline
– The perfect webinar funnel
– Registration page options
– Thank you page
– 3 day mail sequences that perform best
– One click registration

Module#3 – Webinar Day Event

– Tip for live webinars
– 6 Steps for the perfect webinar formula
– How to create more engagement & interest in your presentations
(which increases your sales and conversions)
– The secrets to optimizing your Automated Webinar presentations that can generate the same number of sales as your live event. (How to have engagement for attendance, scarcity & Q and A’s for sales in an automated experience)

Module #4 – The Post-Webinar Phase

– Creating your encore event & Re-broadcasting scenarios
– Not just theory, but actual implementation
(over the shoulder session to show you how to set up the automation)
– The timed replay
– My Two Favorite Launch Funnels

Live Training:

Overview of the webinar sales funnel
Pre-webinar structure breakdown
Webinar Day, The event itself
Post webinar structure breakdown
Webinar replay strategies
Marketing beyond the webinar

(All sessions are recorded and archived in the
Elite Webinar Mastery Membership)

Bonuses inside the program!


Are you an Infusionsoft user? EasyWebinar has a deep integration with Infusionsoft. With EasyWebinar, you can create tagging based on actions performed during the webinar event. Such as who clicked your offers, if they saw the offer but didn’t click…plus more. In this training we pull back the curtain to show you a funnel you can use for yourself + a way to get one of our team to create your AUTOMATED WEBINAR FUNNEL for you.


Learn how to use the most powerful way to build an audience to get more people to your webinars…Periscope.


How to choose the right team to handle the workload for you. One of the most stressful things is to think you can handle all the work for you. Or you hire a team that actually costs more but also gets you absolutely no value and puts you months back. In this training you’ll know to syphon the right people into your business.


How to use a free resource like Canva to build your presentation slides. Creating your presentation doesn’t have to be boring. See how easy it is to build a multi-slide presentation in minutes.


Learn how to use Haiku deck to build your presentation. No more dull black text on white background slides. With Haiku deck your slides can be full of color and great looking fonts.


Be by Casey’s side as he talks to individual members guiding them on how to use automated webinars in their specific niche or business. This invaluable training is worth the price of the program alone.


Stop waisting money or time. Casey is going to show you step by step how to create high converting Facebook ads promoting your webinar.


You don’t have to go alone. Leveraging other people’s time and list to help you promote your webinar will jump you years ahead of where you are now.


Tell the world who you are. Branding yourself and your products are the key to long term success. Get your name or your product’s name out to the world. Learn to stand out in a noisy online world.


Timely webinar strategy session with Devin Duncan. Technical strategist for Melanie Duncan, Amy Porterfield and Todd Herman. Be prepared to have the ceiling taken off your dreams. After this great interview you will see that there are no limits as to what you can accomplish with automated webinars.


If you are someone who has a webinar, or someone with a quality product but have been struggling to get an automated sales system in place. This might be the training for you (or your team). CLICK HERE to sign up to our workshop all about it!


See you on the inside!

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