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Currently at the OMS (online Marketing Summit) Here is an Interview with Author of Inbound Marketing and CEO of HubSpot

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Hosted by
Casey Zeman

I am here currently at the Online Marketing Summit in San Diego.  Here for 3 days.  There are some amazing speakers and cutting edge marketing technology to see.

Speakers such as:


Mario Sundar , Sr. Social Media Manager/Chief Blogger for Linkedin.



Phillipe Browning Director of Mobile Advertising and Operations at CSB Interactive.



Cheryl Goodman, Director of Global Marketing for Qualcomm MEMS Technologies, inc..



Greg Jarobe, Author of YouTube and Video Marketing, an Hour a Day.




Hubspot CEO, Brian Halligan. Author of Inbound Marketing and Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead.

Brian and I sat down to talk about some of the things he talked about in his Keynote talk.  He gave us some hot spots of his book ‘Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead.”

In this video he goes back and touches on some of those topics talked about in the book.  I was very intrigued when he spoke of implementing monthly marketing sprints in your business.

He also touched on what I personally believe in as well.  Content is key—But, good content.  He said the way to differentiate yourself from your competitors is to be Innovative and Unique.

He also talked about finding content creators in your business if you don’t already have them.  Bloggers, Video Content Creators, Social Media Interaction

Increase your Brand Awareness by thinking like a Publisher.  Create the content, send off your digital property that will funnel interest back into your business.

I would like to say that yesterday I was just talking to Brian Bagnall, Facebook Guru about Video Webinars.  This is a huge device that is now being used.  Brian Halligan also touches on creating Webinars and leveraging those Webinars for (as I have always used video )  “Gaining Traffic and Keeping Traffic”.

enjoy the video!!! And stay tuned for more updates on The OMS!!


Please comment  and ‘like’ below.  Let me know what you think about video marketing and how you use it in your business.

  • Casey- you have a real winning idea interviewing Brian Halligan. There are some great insights and take aways, especially the go for the fences strategy…Your apology about the low light and shaky cam is well warranted as well, however you also need to mike your subjects. The ambient noise was very distracting and diminished the efffectiveness of the message. I am somewhat surprised that a”professional” video marketer such as yourself would put out such a low level production, especially when you are attempting to promote sales of marketing videos. I realize that there is a trend away from branding to bonding but I think this one slips below the bar a bit too far.

    If content is king and home runs the objective, then this one might have been “throne” for a loss…

    • thanks Gary, I had not set out to do any interviews while I was at the OMS. I had gone to talk to them in regards to their online focus week.
      However while I was there I was glad to see Brian speak. I did not have anything but my flip camera with me. He and I also discussed that the lighting was bad, but made the choice to GO FOR IT.

      I felt the message was good enough despite the poor quality of filming and audio. I do have a videographer that will do arranged interviews with me. Plus I have never spoke on the subject of production quality or professional aspects of on camera etiquette. Having a theater background, that is a topic that I will be covering. However, I never want anyone to think that they cant just pick up a camera and start filming.
      I speak more on using video to gain traffic and keep traffic. SEO tactics and useful content…

      We are always going to have days were some videos are more impromptu. The difficult task of discerning whether or not content out-ways the quality of video is what we must negotiate. In this case (in my opinion) I was happier to provide the wonderful content that Brian was able to give us.
      However believe me-I know when something is poorly filmed.

      Thanks Gary for the comment. Look forward to getting to know you.


  • CASEY-Hi first would like to thank you for the gift of video tutorial though some of those I am currently using like youtube and and other video tools…but i learned a lot more in this interview you had with Brian; it was full of great insights, wisdom and he said i remember “think like a pubisher a producer…”. I like how this interview turns out inspite of the noisy background and lightings. For me, its more of the content and what I learned. And you did a great job, you are so relax, funny and yeah..i learned a lot.THANK YOU SOO MUCH!!!!

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