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Casey Zeman

In this Webinar replay, I go through the process of setting up a Webinar with EWP.  EWP stands for The Easy Webinar Plugin, which is a Webinar software that streams pre-recorded Events (or Webinars) at the time that is most fitting for the user.  While at the same time having a real time Live Webinar effect.

If you haven’t seen the plugin in action you can see it here.  Also if you haven’t had a chance to download the Features and Comparison Sheet, Click here.

We have 2 prices for the plugin, right now you can get them for a single payment of either 247 or 343.  343 dollars gets you an unlimited license to where you can have unlimited Webinars, for an Unlimited number of attendees on as many sites as you choose.   Click here to learn more.




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