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Fun Time Webinar From Salt Lake City

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Casey Zeman

We had an impromptu Webinar last night from my hotel room in Salt Lake City.  I am here at the event hosted by Jared Elvidge.  The event is going on today and tomorrow. However, last night, I did a fun-quick-group oriented webinar with a handful of already existing members of Easy Webinar Plugin.

Needless to say, it was a heck of a good time.   Every member of EWP has the same type of spirit.  That spirit being “All things are possible!”, and for that I thank all of you for making me feel inspired simply from your natural charisma and energy.

Well I wanted to give everyone a chance to see what we did last night.  So below is the replay of the webinar.

Please note a couple things:

The sale discount price for YouTube Revealed ended last night, so if you were to try that link, unfortunately it will not work for you.  However, you can obviously get the full course at

Secondly,  we covered a common question among EWP members…“How do you direct people to the thank you page of EWP and sign them up to your autoresponder list at the same time? “-If you’ve been puzzled by this step we cover it in the webinar at about the 35 minute mark.  Please enjoy the replay webinar  and do leave us your comments and questions below.  We want to be able to server you as best as possible!


If you would like to get your own license of Easy Webinar Plugin, CLICK HERE! Also what did you think about the webinar? Notions welcome!

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