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The Benefits of Publishing-With Guest Carol Dodsley

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Casey Zeman

Last month I had a chance to sit down and talk to an awesome woman.  Carol Dodsley.  Carol is someone I have know for a bit of time who made a name for herself on Facebook.

In our talk Carol revealed that she was just about to open up her new site which was all about interviewing top marketers in the industry while focusing on her unique positioning online.  (Since this interview was done, Carol has opened up and has several amazing interviews already up!

I  personally think that this is such a smart move that I suggest more people start doing.  Think of yourself as a publisher.  By getting top interviews with amazing people, Carol’ has began to help her positioning in 2 ways:

1.  She is creating good and usable content that the marketplace wants and needs.

2.  She is connecting with big name marketers who already have existing communities who are likely to share the interview she does with them.

The more content that she shares unto the world = the more traffic she’ll receive and a larger community and following she’ll continue to build.  This can open her up to having sponsors, speaking at more events, and more.

In this interview, I wanted to ‘turn the tables on her’ and put her in the hot seat.  Since this interview was done, she has already done several interviews with amazing people.  The is definitely a site to keep your eye on this year!

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