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Google’s Corporate Game with Facebook- The Sneak Attack of Google Plus.

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Casey Zeman

Facebook and Google are amidst their own “Arms Race”.

Google comes out of left field with Google Plus.  Facebook didn’t know what hit em.

They were thinking Google’s Plus One was their attempt at being social, and the unsuccessful “Buzz”…well we know what happened with that.

If you haven’t heard of it, it is because it failed miserably…but their secret weapon…Google Plus, looks pretty promising. For those lucky enough to get on the beta testing, I am hearing some amazing things. You can watch the test video on the landing page. All the same functionality including some additional goodies.

One can’t help but wonder what will be happening with Search as we know it? You may have already seen the effects of Google catering the search to what they believe we’d be interested in based on our search history. But soon, it will go way beyond that. Soon we’ll see “SOCIAL SEARCH” as common place.

Now we’ve all seen this coming. As Facebook’s popularity reached it’s absolute height in the last year, it is only a matter of time for our minds to readjust to searching on Facebook.

What does Facebook have? —A huge database of our information that describes who we are , what we like and what we do. If they do in fact merge with Bing, as some suggest, then I can see some serious Corporate Espionage transpiring.


Google vs. Facebook … The Race to Social Search Victory! Who will Win!

This is going to be more epic then Gladiator!

I decided to make a video showing how to remove the personal settings from Google’s search. I know there are many who are annoyed by the presumptuous nature of Google.

How dare they assume what we want to be searching for.

I may want to know about Panda’s in the forest getting slaughtered over cuddly videos of Panda’s being pet, even though my personal search history would suggest otherwise.

Check out the Video above to learn how!

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  • Great video my friend. It does seem like a good feature for certain things but if someone clicks on q competitors site instead of mine this may cause a bump in ranking over my site 8)

    Also if people are doing any kind of SEO and teaming their ranking by doing a google search they should not click on their own link because it make it seem like it’s ranking better ten it is because of this new feature.

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