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YouTube has lifted their Time Restrictions-WOW that was Getting Tedious.

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Casey Zeman

I turned into an old man in the time that it took YouTube to FINALLY lift the time restrictions to videos.

Remember when it was a time limit of 10 minutes?

Do you remember when you heard the new time limit was 15 minutes??

Well call me Shirley and slap me twice, they are now starting to remove a time limit entirely.  How do I know this you ask?

Because they just let me know that I am limitless. (Whatever that means)

A couple things about not having a time limit to your videos:

  • You don’t have to be a partner.
  • You don’t need to have thousands of videos and millions of views.
  • You do have to be sitting on the right-side of YouTube when it comes to Copy-writing guidelines.
  • You also have to be seen as having a good track record with YouTube.  ( um hello, one of my channels was completely shut down and disabled so they are a bit lenient on that guideline.)
  • You do not have to love Grey’s Anatomy or Private Practice. (although it would help.)
  • and Finally, you don’t have to bribe YouTube with total submission.

YouTube would of course only benefits from the time restriction removal because that means more time spent watching a video by the consumer, therefore more advertisement dollars being made by YouTube.  So watch out world!

Now you can put up 6 hours of your cat playing with a paper bag or your pet bunny pooping in the shower.  YAY!

  • Casey:

    Lucky you. I know that right now this is only being rolled out to select accounts. I haven’t received an email yet, so I’m waiting. I wonder if this will eventually be available to everyone?

    I can only imagine the crap that is going to show up in the future.

    Have fun!

    – Rick

    • Hi Rick , actually I don’t think you will be sent out an email letting you know. I uploaded a couple new videos and as I was doing it, that is when the message popped up saying Congratulations on not having a time limit. So try uploading a video or two. Maybe try the videos that are more then 15 minutes long to upload. That is what I did and that is when that response occurred.
      You can see that I have 20 minute videos on my channel.



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