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10 Things To Do During A Periscope To Get More Engagement and List Building

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Casey Zeman

Engage your followers, Build your list, Make more sales.

There are 10 steps that create a great broadcast every time you choose to Periscope. If you can commit these to memory they can be a great opportunity for you to build your engagement and your list.

#1 – Welcome people who are joining along with the replay viewers
Don’t forget those who are watching the replay either when welcoming your viewers. They are not only just as important, but often times can be more in numbers than live viewers.

#2 – Build anticipation – introduce your topic
Tell them what you are about to tell them. This lets them know they are in the right place and you do intend to follow through with the promise in your title.

#3 – Ask for the “share”
Now that your audience has had a chance to build in numbers, ask for them to share it with their followers and friends. Twitter and Facebook shares can mean a great deal of new watchers for the broadcaster.

#4 – “New here?”
Asking to see who is new and who is a repeat watcher can be helpful. This not only builds status for those who are repeat to let you know they have been with you before, but also allows you as the broadcaster to see if the crowd is mostly new you may want to simplify your message a little more to a newbie crowd.

#5 – Content – send hearts if you enjoy
Give them what they came for. Don’t delay in giving out your message. If you wait too long people start to leave and will never hear what you have to say. Get on with the show and give them the content you promised in your title. Remember, that’s why they clicked in the first place. Oh…. and don’t forget to remind people to “tap for hearts” if they like what they hear.

#6 – Engage with people
Talk to the people who stopped by to listen to you. Periscope is so much better than video and YouTube because of the interaction. Talking to their comments also lets them feel important and appreciated for watching so engage as much as possible without distracting from your main message.

#7 – Repeat
Not everyone watching you joined in at the beginning. You don’t want to repeat your entire message, but to reiterate certain key points is helpful for those who join in to watch you several minutes in.

Casey Super Tip – # your topic
Put hashtags in your title. Hashtags used in your title are searchable in Twitter and help people find your message quicker when they are searching for topic terms.

#8 – Call to action
If you don’t give them some direction or action to take you are doing them a disservice. They came for information. Give them a way to get more if they choose to hear more on your topic. Let them know they can find additional content from you at your website or social media page like Facebook.

#9 – Thank all who came and give a teaser for what’s next
Show them some love back by thanking them for taking time out of their day and stopping by to listen to you talk. This is also a perfect time to give a teaser of some more information you are working on presenting next time. Build anticipation for the next broadcast.

#10 – Remind them to follow
If they loved what they heard remind them to follow you. Some may forget to follow you and forget who you were never to return again. Guarantee that may never happen by offering them a chance before you disconnect to click that follow button.

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